Field-Friendly Go-Strips

No more lugging around coolers, wondering if your reagents went bad; no aliquoting and mixing of components in the field. Just add your purified nucleic acids to our Go-Strips and get testing.

Sleek, Mobile Design

0.1 mL low-profile, thin-walled, optically clear 3-well strips that require no special training to use.

Lyophilized & Shelf-Stable

Each Go-Strip pouch contains 10 individually packaged strips and void filling caps that are shelf-stable at 15-30°C / 59-86°F.

Extensive Test Library

Dengue and other mosquito-borne pathogens; Lyme-related and other tick pathogens; E. coli, Enterococcus, Salmonella, Legionella, Listeria; Influenza sub-strains, MERS-CoV; Aquaculture-related pathogens, and more.


Porting our assay over to the Biomeme platform was surprisingly easy. We tested out their sample prep technology with our samples, tried out their bulk lyophilized master mix with our primers and probes, compared their mobile thermocycler to our lab-bound machine, and after various tests with consistent results, decided to kit our assay into their Go-Strips to aid our field research.


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More about our PCR Tests

Each Go-Strip has 3 reaction wells and each well contains a 20 uL lyophilized reaction with master mix, primers and probes. If you're interested in a different form factor, try our 96-well Go-Plates or 60-rxn bulk vials. All are lyophilized and shelf-stable.


Custom Assays

Configure your own custom assays using Biomeme's high-performance LyoGreen, LyoDNA, and LyoRNA master mixes.


Pre-aliquoted lyophilized plates for lab use in standard commercial thermocyclers; run the full 96-well plate or tear away and run as 8-well strips.


Optimized for outstanding performance in the field - no need for refrigeration, lab equipment, or mixing wet reagents.

Bulk Vials

Shelf- stable, lyophilized bulk form factor suitable for lab use and running in any commercial thermocycler.


Primer Probes are shelf-stable and pre-aliquoted for convenient mixing with master mix reagents of choice; no complicated pipetting or math. 1 Go-P/P vial = 1 PCR run on a Biomeme thermocycler.


Developed to address a wide variety of sample and target types across various fields like water quality, food & agriculture, veterinary, and more!


Download Data Sheet

Interested in sharing Biomeme's field-friendly PCR tests with a friend or colleague? Get started with our Go-Strips data sheet or contact us to learn more about our other form factors including Go-P/P, Go-Plates, and Bulk Vials.

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