Turn Your Smartphone into a PCR Mobile Lab

An easy-to-use interface to program your custom thermocycling parameters, scan standard Biomeme Go-Strip tests, run your PCR experiments online or offline, quickly interpret your test results, and conveniently sync your data to the Biomeme Cloud.

For the Individual Researcher

Experience the power behind Biomeme Go throughout your research journey and easily share what you've discovered.

For Teams and Organizations

Deploy at scale on our best-in-class PCR platform and enable your teams to work faster and smarter.

End-to-End Experience

The most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end PCR mobile app for experiments that require actionable real-time insights.


I've never used a mobile app to run and monitor my experiments before, but Biomeme's detailed on-screen tutorials and app design made everything incredibly easy and I was up and running in minutes. It's absolutely streamlined our team's field eDNA monitoring and makes it easy to refer back to specific runs.


Director of Wildlife Ecology | The Wilds

More about Biomeme Go

This isn't just any PCR mobile app - Biomeme Go aspires to solve real-world problems by empowering anyone anywhere with mobile DNA analysis in the palm of their hand.

Data Management

Conveniently and securely manage all your PCR run data from a single easy to use mobile interface.

Protocol Management

Scan an existing test or create your own custom protocols by adjusting a variety of highly configurable parameters.

Real-Time Results

Display results from your qualitative or quantitative tests in real-time or choose to export to Excel or Google Sheets for deeper analysis.

User-Friendly Experience

From design to usability, Biomeme Go is incredibly easy to use and removes any room for error or confusion.

Integrated Barcode Scanner

Minimize human errors by opting to scan in your tests and sample IDs for improved accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

Enterprise Team Management

Organize your users and their respective teams all in one app and have complete control over who sees what.


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