Seamlessly Track & Manage Data in One Place

Biomeme Cloud delivers increased flexibility, scalability and reliability with out-of-the-box PCR data management services such as viewing your PCR amplification plots or downloading your raw experiment data for aggregate analysis.

Safe, Secure & Private

Designed for security and data integrity with AES-256 encryption, HTTPS connections only, and more.


Highly scalable infrastructure designed to make PCR data analysis more productive with unmatched price performance.

Get Up & Running Fast

Set up your Biomeme Cloud in seconds and start analyzing your PCR experiments in aggregate or individually.


We have quite a few Biomeme thermocyclers in the field at any given time. The Biomeme Cloud software has allowed us to automatically sync our data from each of these devices back to our private secure cloud portal. Not only has their Cloud software centralized our field PCR data, but it integrates quite easily with our other in-lab systems to drastically improve our overall efficiency.


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More about Biomeme Cloud

Accelerate your research and increase productivity by automatically collecting, storing, accessing, and sharing your PCR data.


Export Data

Search and analyze your raw or baselined data from any web-enabled device or choose to export everything.

Compare Data

Use Chart View to compare the results of multiple experiments using single- or multi-threshold analysis mode.

Modify Thresholds

Change the thresholds for each fluorescent channel - FAM/SYBR (green), TexasRedX (amber), and ATTO647N (red).

Charts & Tables

Easily share your PCR amplification plots or view Cq values summarized in tables and sort by well, Cq, or target.

Summary Metrics

View summary metrics of Cq values for a group of data, such as: minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation.

Dedicated Support

Need some help? Our customer success team is here for you in addition to our self-service knowledge base.


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