Franklin™ by Biomeme

Just over 2 lbs, hand-held, and battery-operated for maximum portability, our latest mobile thermocycler enables multiplex real-time detection of up to 27 targets.

Fast Real-Time Results

In less than an hour, you can determine the presence or absence of the target(s) in your sample and even quantify the starting quantity.

Ultra-Portable Design

Compact, lightweight, and optimized to enable a full day's work out in the field on a single charge of the internal battery.

Gold Standard Performance

Performs to the standard used by the most advanced labs, but requires no lab equipment or special experience to use.


One of the tests we're currently developing for Biomeme's mobile thermocycler is a DNA test kit for barcoding at the border. This will allow us to identify species at a country border so we can better arm law enforcement with the data they need to stop illegal trade.


Molecular Scientist | Wildlife Conservation Society

More about Franklin™

Franklin comes in 3 different versions giving you the freedom to start small with a 1-color, 9-well mobile qPCR thermocycler and the ability to conveniently add up to 2 additional color channels through its free companion mobile app, Biomeme Go.


Easy To Operate

Designed by scientists and built for performance, yet enables users without PCR-expertise to easily run PCR in the field.

Intuitive Companion App

Biomeme Go wirelessly pairs with Franklin so you can program custom thermocycling parameters, manage your experiments, and more.

Integrated Barcode Scanner

Human errors are prone to happen so avoid them by letting your team quickly scan their tests to load pre-determined protocols.

Point-of-Need Design

Developed for applications that are time and location-sensitive, where your results from the field need to be actionable ASAP.

3 Total Channels

Simultaneously test up to 9 samples or 27 targets using Green (FAM/SYBR), Amber (TexasRedX), and/or Red (ATTO647N) channels.

Wireless & Battery-Powered

Run experiments offline using an internal battery that powers up to 6 runs depending on your protocol, then sync via on-board Wi-Fi/cellular.


Download Data Sheet

Interested in sharing Biomeme's mobile qPCR thermocycler with a friend or colleague? Get started with our Franklin data sheet or contact us to learn more about transforming your smartphone into a mobile lab for advanced DNA detection and real-time disease surveillance.

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