Protect food and water quality without delay or specialized training

Food and water professionals use Biomeme's field deployable system for rapid, gold standard microbial detection and quantification across various food matrices and environmental settings.

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Control and prevention of outbreaks is hampered when detection and response is delayed

Culturing methods take far too long while shipping samples to a lab involves prolonged turnaround time, is resource intensive, and may compromise the quality of both samples and results.

Traditionally, effective detection and control practices have had to wrangle with the separation between sample site and lab. Lab-bound methods often involve long turnaround times and complex protocols requiring specialized training. Additionally, transfer of samples to a lab not only increases time to actionable results, but may involve costly, challenging logistics and potentially diminished sample quality. This all means less effective microbial management and decreased safety. Biomeme's easy, versatile platform overcomes these challenges.

Explore our library of available tests or custom design your own assay for manufacture.

Biomeme brings the lab to the sample

Achieve rapid, gold standard detection on-site across various matrices and multiple targets.

Biomeme provides food and water teams everything needed for field forward sample prep, qPCR and Isothermal tests, and data analysis — all in under an hour. Our M1 Sample Prep Cartridges are effective for most food matrices, environmental sample types, and nucleotide targets all while requiring no specialized training and only a minute or two to complete. Add your sample to our pre-formulated and shelf-stable Go-Strips, place them into your Franklin portable thermocycler, and get results in 30-60 minutes. Your data is yours! It's instantly stored in your Biomeme Go companion mobile app and conveniently synced with our secure Biomeme Cloud service. You'll always have access to your data and can seamlessly download or connect it to your preferred lab information management system (LIMS), 3rd party database, or statistical software with our Biomeme Web API. Biomeme empowers your team to detect and control pathogens before an outbreak occurs by quickly delivering actionable results directly at the point of sample collection.

Molecular Tagging, Field Detection, and Food Authentication

From combating food fraud to DNA barcoding and supply chain tracking, Biomeme helps food and agriculture producers achieve best practices and ultimate value in supply chain authentication and verification. Check out a couple examples below!

Applied DNA Sciences (ADNAS) and DNA barcoding

DNA barcoding technology has made it possible to authenticate and monitor high-value products at every stage of the global supply chain. CertainT molecular tagging, testing, and tracking from Applied DNA Sciences ensures true product authenticity. When paired with Biomeme's system, the CertainT tag is amplified and detected directly at the point of collection. The result is a certain and secure downstream supply chain where diversion or any other deviation can be quickly identified and corrected.

Testing for Seafood Fraud with TRU-ID

Oceana found fully ⅓ of seafood samples are mislabeled nationwide (read the full report). TRU-ID is attempting to change this and are committed to ensuring food authenticity. In collaboration with scientists from the University of Guelph's Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, they have demonstrated that Biomeme can be used in the fight for food integrity (view the full poster). The process is simple and quick enough that even high-schoolers can test for food fraud!

Detecting microbial pathogens in building water and aquaculture infrastructure

Biomeme's qPCR platform provides rapid response rather than long incubation and delay times in detecting Legionella pneumophila.

Legionella pneumophila is a deadly pathogen found in water systems. Culturing methods for Legionella pneumophila requires immense time and labor investment while too-often returning poor sensitivity and reproducibility. In contrast, Biomeme's Legioinella Panel M1 Go-Kit is intuitive, fast, and reliable — empowering detection and response in under an hour. In addition to Legionella, we also have a library of other water-borne pathogens (or you can configure your own assay).

On-site eDNA Detection and Monitoring of Aquaculture-related Pathogens such as Flavobacterium psychrophilum

“Field-portable qPCR can also redefine the way that aquaculturists conduct routine water monitoring. For example, daily water quality monitoring protocols can include field qPCR analysis, which could aid a fish culture facility in developing a better understanding of targeted microbial trends in the system. The knowledge gained from these real-time results can help managers, veterinarians, and fish health specialists better understand the roles and relationships that microbes play in aquaculture. Additionally, rapid field results can expedite the decision-making process to ensure adequate overall system health.” (Nguyen et al, 2018)

Aquaculture researchers and surveillance organizations have used Biomeme for various missions across the globe. Scientists from Smith-Root and the University of Idaho’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences and Aquaculture Research Institute collaborated with Biomeme’s own Mieke Sinnesael to detect Flavobacterium psychrophilum using field-portable sample collection and on-site qPCR testing of eDNA. Read the full paper to see their results.

Here are some other aquaculture-related highlights:

Detecting Contaminants during the Manufacturing Process

In the global, complex world of food production, gold standard quality control must return actionable results fast. Biomeme and it's partners are working to ensure product safety and quality — no matter how complicated the production and supply chain logistics.

Mycoplasma and other contaminants

Due to their small size, ubiquity in the environment, and "ability to persist without noticeable changes to cell culture," mycoplasma are infamously challenging to detect. Additionally, current methods of testing "can take up to 28-days to complete and require a significant amount of manual manipulation" (source). Biomeme is here to help. Our portable qPCR and sample prep system return results on-site in under an hour — no specialized training required.

Bacteriophages that may attack starter cultures in industrial fermentation processes

Despite the best efforts of producers, "phage infection represents the most significant biological factor affecting industries that rely on bacterial growth and metabolic activities" and may even lead to lost batches (source). As a result, some of the largest producers are working with Biomeme to develop on-site detection and quantification tests for various phages known to challenge their production processes.

Confirming absence of contamination on shared equipment

After switching product lines or shipping cargo be certain of the absence of previous product lines or other contaminants. No need to hold equipment overnight or wait on long turnaround times from the lab. We can help in any number of product authentication or quality verification applications, including testing for:

  • GMOs in organic products
  • Prior batch yeast strain or fermentation equipment
  • Mycoplasma or most other noticeably persistent contaminants

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