M1 Sample Prep Cartridge Kits

Extract and purify nucleic acids from nearly any sample type in only 1 to 2 minutes using a filtration-based method in which nucleic acids selectively bind to the silica membrane inside our proprietary sample prep columns. Subsequent washes through a sequence of specially formulated buffers yield purified DNA or RNA upon elution.

No Lab Equipment Necessary

No refrigerator, heat block, vortexer, centrifuge, pipettes, or even electricity necessary. 

Shelf-Stable for Field Use

All components of the cartridge kit are shelf-stable for 1 year when stored in a dry place, at room temperature (15-30°C / 59-86°F).

1-2 Minute Protocol

Complete DNA or RNA extraction and purification in minutes without incubation - get consistent, reproducible results in 30-60 minutes when combined with our mobile qPCR thermocyclers.


We work in the field regularly and this cartridge doesn't require any extra lab equipment, refrigeration, or cold chain. This is critical for us. The single-use, disposables minimize contamination which definitely adds to the benefits we've experienced thus far.


Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer | Precision Biomonitoring, Inc.

More about our Sample Prep solutions

Pre-formulated cartridge types include DNA, DNA-HI (High-Concentration), RNA, and Environmental DNA (eDNA) for efficiently and reproducibly extracting high-quality purified nucleic acids from a variety of target types, including: viruses, gram neg/pos bacteria, archaea, spores, algae, and more.



The extraction method is designed to be completed with the single cartridge in just a few simple steps from sample collection through elution.


Used by industry leaders in biothreat surveillance, eDNA & aquatic ecology, water quality, food safety, supply chain, veterinary, and more.


Each single-use disposable cartridge comes pre-aliquoted for field-friendly transport and use, expediting DNA and RNA isolation.

No Special Training

No pipetting or advanced lab skills necessary for anyone to pump up & down, following the color-coded steps to purify DNA or RNA.


Size of a pack of gum and weighing just under 13 grams keeps transportation light. Everything you need is included!

Bulk Options

Optimize for your specific sample matrix or target by adjusting the buffer volumes and protocol with our Bulk Sample Prep.


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